Award Winning Movers - World-Class Commitment

There’s a saying, the farther you have to reach up in the tree, the sweeter the apple. It’s true. Our team here at Ernie’s Van & Storage recently stretched ourselves to achieve a major accomplishment—and we are savoring the success. I’d like to share it with you. 

As you know, especially if you are our customer, or if you have lived in the Grass Valley area for a while, our team takes service quality very seriously. You might say we obsess about our work—but I say we just take a lot of pride in what we do.World-Class Commitment Award Won by Ernie's Van & Storage in Grass Valley, CA

Our agent-owned van line, Atlas Van Lines, feels the same way about service quality. And they have set the bar extremely high for Atlas agents our size with something they call “World-Class Commitment.” This award recognizes excellence in 12 critical areas of business performance. So, last year, we decided we would do whatever it takes to achieve this recognition.

As we looked at the criteria, we learned we were already about 90 percent of the way there. We were way ahead of the curve in customer satisfaction, claims, our equipment and facilities, packing, technology, and warehousing. Essentially, we just needed to refine our performance in a couple of areas.

One involved getting our excellent van operators to focus their attention more closely on the government regulations that were recently imposed on our industry. The other involved refining our approach to estimating the moves we perform for people who have their things in a temporary storage facility. We do a lot of these kinds of moves, and sometimes these storage units can fool you in the amount of weight they contain. So we took steps to compensate for that in our estimating, and our overall estimating accuracy has improved as a result.

We worked hard as a team to make sure we earned this award. I want to emphasize the word “team,” because we never could have achieved it without working together. We have one of the best teams anywhere—I would put them up against any other team in the business.

We received the Atlas World-Class Commitment award last fall, in a formal presentation at the Atlas Annual Convention. I think it’s probably the biggest professional accomplishment in our company’s 80 years in business. We are certainly proud to display this award in our office. Check it out the next time you are here. And if you are thinking about moving, be assured: our team will bring World-Class Commitment in everything we do for you.

- Matthew

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