Funny Moving Stories - Part 2

Sometimes moving puts you right in the middle of people’s lives at crucial moments. Life-and-death moments, love-and-war moments.

My dad recalls one such moment clearly. He and my great-grandfather were called to move a man from a house in Southern California. The man and his wife were divorcing, and she was staying in the home.

Having finished loading the truck, my dad was latching the doors when the man came flying out of the house.

“Unload it! Unload it! She’s taking me back!”


Once, years ago, we got a call from the sheriff. Our services were needed for an eviction. (That’s one of the few downsides in this business—having to move things from a home when people don’t want to move.)

On this particular move, our guys Homer and Teddy went to provide the service. 

“Teddy, I want you to start with the walk-in closet,” said Homer.

Teddy stepped inside the closet and switched on the light. Seconds later, he switched off the light, stepped back out, and shut the door.

“Teddy, I told you to start with the closet,” said Homer.

“I can’t do that, Homer,” said Teddy.

“And why not?” asked Homer.

“Because there’s a man in there,” said Teddy.

“What’s he doing in there?” asked Homer.

“I think he’s hiding from the sheriff,” said Teddy.


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