Funny Moving Stories

Weird. Funny. True. The things that sometimes happen when people move make for some interesting tales. You could call it “mover’s lore.” Over the years, we've collected a few.

Once we worked for three full days to pack and load two 52-foot trailers, top-to-bottom, for a couple moving to Washington State. They were going to set up their household in a beautiful area and enjoy their retirement. It was their dream.

We arrived as planned at the new home, ready to unload their belongings. We knocked on the door, and they answered.

“Take it back. We've decided we don’t like it here.”

They had spent a couple of days and nights in their new place before we arrived, and it was long enough for them to know the grass wasn't greener on the other side of the mountain. 

The husband didn't want our crews to be disappointed in not being able to complete the job. He said: “Just give us a hat and shirt and we’ll call it even.”

So we took all their things back to the house they had moved from. It was a costly mistake, but they were happy. I suppose there really is no place like home. The trick is knowing where your home is supposed to be.

We love animals. But we ask customers to confine their pets on moving day. It keeps the little critters out from underfoot so we can work more efficiently. A few years back, when we moved a lady to Idaho, she was careful to keep her cats contained while we packed and loaded. Apparently she was not careful enough.

When we arrived at the new home and took the stretch wrap off the hide-a-bed, out popped three cats. They were unhurt, but thirsty, after their two days of confinement in the back of our van. Later, the van operator told me: “I heard some meows at night when I was trying to sleep. But I thought for sure they were coming from outside the truck.”

I wish we had a video-tape of that moment when the stretch-wrap came off. I bet it would get a million views on YouTube.


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