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Tips to Keep the Dorm Move Simple (You're on your own for finals.)

A word from the interns at Ernie's

The time is upon us again for final papers, projects, exams and moving out of your college dorm or apartment. All of these things are stressful, but moving out doesn't have to be. With a few simple steps your move at the end of the semester will be the least of your worries, giving you more time to focus on your studies and having one last celebration with friends.

1. Clean your room first

The more organized your room is to start, the easier packing everything will be.

  • Let’s admit it. None of us like to clean our room because, well it’s boring and there are about a million other things you’d rather be doing. Unfortunately though, the room won’t clean itself and you have to start somewhere. The main goal of this preliminary clean is to just get your room to a point where it’s organized.

2. Arrange for storage

You might need extra storage over the summer or until you get your first job.

  • Now that your room is organized you can see everything you need to take with you when you go. The next decision you need to make is whether or not you are going to need additional storage. There are a few things to make sure to do when packing for a storage unit.

1. Pack your items away in large labeled boxes to make packing and unpacking easier.
2. If you are storing a fridge, do not forget to defrost and dry it ahead of time to avoid mold and mildew.
3. Wrap delicate things, such as mirrors and picture frames, in bubble wrap to prevent cracks and breaks

  • If you decide to use a storage company, call us, Ernie’s Van & Storage. As an Atlas Van Lines Agent, we've got trustworthy climate controlled storage for as short, or as long, as you need, from a few days to months.

3. Don't underestimate the amount of stuff one room can accumulate in 9 months.

  • So, start packing now, like right now or at least start to think about it. If you’re going home for Easter, take a few boxes with you! You have a lot of stuff packed into a tiny living space. The more you are able to spread the moving process out, the less stress it will be.
  • Start with the things you know you won’t need for the next few weeks in school, like cold weather clothes and jackets.
  • Next, divide your room up and pack one portion a day. When packing text books you want to keep, don’t throw them in the bottom of a big box. Text books are heavy! The smaller the box the better when it comes to books.

4. Making a moving checklist BEFORE the bitter end to make your last few days easier.

  • Make a list of what you need to keep handy during your move - like medicines, change of clothes, phone charger, etc.
  • Also make a list of everything you have to do in those last few days - like cleaning, turning in keys, deconstructing your creative uses of dorm room furniture : ), etc.
  • When it’s finally down to the last couple of days before you have to move out of your dorm or apartment, the moving checklist will keep you from scrambling at the last minute.

5. Finally, have a fantastic summer!


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