A floor plan makes for a smoother move

Before you move into your next home, one fairly simple task can save you time and aggravation. It can even save you money. A floor plan will make moving in a much simpler process.

If your new space is approximately the same size as the one you are vacating, you can likely find a place for almost everything. Even Floor -Plan -for -Movingso, a floor plan will enable your movers to place things where you want, so you won’t have to move pieces around later.

If you are moving from a larger space to a smaller one, say from a 3000 sq. ft. home to one with 2000 square feet, a floor plan becomes crucial.  It will force you to consider what you want to keep. (Conversely, you’ll have to decide what to do with the things you no longer have room for.)

How do you get a floor plan? Your realtor may be able to provide a blue print. If one isn’t available, see the property listing for room dimensions. You’ll also need to know the locations of doors, windows, fireplaces and other features that can affect furniture placement. If you don’t have that information, or if your memory is a little fuzzy, your realtor can probably fill in the blanks.

Ideally, you’ll have enough data to create a scale drawing. If you’re handy with a pencil and ruler you can sketch it yourself. If you’re computer-savvy, it is probably easier to use free software you can find at websites such as and

I advise you give yourself enough time to not only create a floor plan, but to find a home for the things you won’t be moving. You basically have three choices: sell them, give them away, or store them.

It seems 30 days is enough time for most folks to create a floor plan, decide what goes where, and rid themselves of the things they no longer want. If you need more time, be sure to factor it into your move timetable.

On moving day, our crew members code items with colored labels based on the floor plan. This helps them put things right where they are supposed to go, so your move in is as efficient as it can be.  If yours is a local move with an hourly rate for labor, your planning will help our guys do their job more efficiently. And that saves you money—which is always a good plan!

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