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The joke around the family table at holidays was that Uncle Jimmy could really “pack it in.” He would put away so much food, the rest of us wondered if he had a hollow leg. He never seemed to get in a hurry. And he was super neat. It was fun to watch him—he elevated dining to an art.

Packing household goods for moving is sort of like that. There’s definitely an art to it. No, our packers and movers don’t put things into hollow legs. But we do wrap and carefully place things in boxes that are constructed and sized appropriately. In fact, packing for a move boils down to two simple concepts: having the right materials and using good techniques. Ernie’s Van & Storage helps you with both.

As for materials, we keep our warehouses stocked with professional grade moving supplies. When I say “professional grade,” I’m referring to industry standard materials that are lightweight, strong, and of reliable quality.  The very same materials our professional movers use.

Take tape guns, for example. Few things are more aggravating that futzing around with a substandard tape gun. You end up wasting tape and time. Not a problem, however, with our pro grade guns. The regular is $16 and my personal favorite, with adjustable brake, is $24.  You’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ that tape gun like a Jedi Knight blaster in a roomful of Storm Troopers. 

BTW, we’ve made it easy for you to pick out the packing materials you will need with a detailed price list of everything we carry.  It includes some discounted packing “kits” with an assortment of typical materials based on the size of your home.  We also provide reusable items for rent, such as blankets, pads, ramps, dollies, etc. The best way to know exactly what you will need is to have one of our estimators help you. (Visit our contact page to request help.)

With the right materials, all you need are good techniques. Sounds easy enough. However, as with anything, there are “tricks to the trade.” The moving industry has gone to considerable lengths to educate people on the best practices for packing.  Atlas Van Lines has published some helpful “how-to” information here.  Before you decide to do it yourself, I recommend you also get a price for our packing services. You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our professional option can be.

In any case, when you have questions about packing or moving, we are here to help. Contact us and get a free moving quote today!

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