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Mention the word “move” and the first thing most people think of is moving from one home to another.  They think sofas and tables and dishes and books—and everything else inside their homes.  But moving can conjure up very different images for other people. It may mean crating and transporting Renaissance paintings. Getting a mega-sized trade show booth into and out of an exhibit hall. Putting hundreds of shelves, racks, and special displays in a store.  Or setting a new piece of medical diagnostic equipment in the hospital radiology department.

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As you might guess, the process for moving commercial goods is similar to that for household goods. Both require skilled hands for packing, loading, and handling. Both require trucks and accessories for safe, secure transport—dollies, ramps, pads, straps, etc. However, specialized transportation projects often call for high-cube trailers (more capacity to accommodate larger items). These trailers also come with hydraulic lift gates and oversize doors for ease of loading and unloading. And, all our commercial trailers have air ride suspension to ensure a smooth ride for goods during transit.

Each niche we serve has its own characteristics. Take Retail Logistics, for example. Getting fixtures and displays in and out of stores often means working after hours, when customers are not around.  Sometimes it means synchronizing multiple deliveries across different store locations, all within a narrow window of time. Or it can mean working closely with third parties who provide skilled installation services, such as carpenters and electricians.

Trade Shows have a culture all their own. Hundreds of exhibitors descend on the exhibit hall within a compressed time frame. Getting everyone in and out demands that everyone operates on a highly regulated clock. Every task is critical—loads must go on and come off the truck in a specified sequence. For large venues, just getting in place to take your proper turn is tricky—knowing which gate and how to get the best access to it.

Moving Fine Art often demands that we provide climate controls, door to door, to protect a priceless antiquity from degradation. Our trailers are “super-insulated” to keep temperatures properly regulated, no matter how extreme the environment. Electronic sensors keep tabs on conditions inside the trailer and record them to verify effective control.

Shipping Electronics involves moving high-tech machines, such as medical equipment, machine tools, and computer hardware. In many cases, enterprise profitability hinges on timely delivery and setup. We provide options for swift delivery—within 24 hours of receiving a request. We also offer a “Tech Rep” service that guarantees delivery at a time the technician or other professional service provider will be on site.

No matter what the word “move” means to you—whether household goods or commercial goods—Ernie’s Van & Storage has the means to answer. Contact us today to learn more. Or use our online form to request a moving quote



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