Moving to another state? Don't make it a state of confusion.

Moving across state lines, or interstate moving, can seem pretty simple at a glance. Things get packed up, loaded onto a truck, and delivered to your new home. But it’s easier said than done. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your interstate move from becoming frustrating and confusing. (By the way, Ernie’s has helped thousands of families with the process of interstate moving over the last 80 years.)

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Tip 1. Give yourself enough time. When you decide to move to another state, don’t expect you can be ready in just a few days or even in a few weeks. It takes time to cover all the details, like disconnecting services and scheduling new ones. Movers, too, need a lead time to schedule equipment and personnel. This lead time is typically longer during summer months.

Tip 2. Don’t move it unless you really need it. The expense of your interstate move is primarily a factor of your shipment’s weight and distance transported.  Do you really need those old vinyl LPs the folks gave you? Or that spinet piano no one plays anymore?  Now is the time to sell, donate, or recycle things you no longer use. You’ll be money ahead.

Tip 3. Beware the low-ball price. Price is an important consideration for choosing an interstate mover.  But it’s not the only one. Some movers may quote you a low-ball number as a “nonbinding” estimate — then tack on unexpected expenses after the fact. Get a detailed, “binding” estimate or a “not-to-exceed” estimate in writing.  And ask for customer references of the mover’s credibility.  Ernie’s routinely provides such references when requested. We also carry the ProMover designation, an industry certification that testifies to ethical practices.

Tip 4. Pack with care. If you handle your own packing, use the right materials. Keep rooms organized by cartons and pack heavier items in the bottom of cartons. Don’t put too much into a carton—it should close so all sides are flat. When overstuffed, boxes lose their shape and cannot stack safely for transport. Of course, you can always hire professionals to handle the packing of your things. Our packers are trained to work efficiently and use the right materials and best techniques to ensure the safe transport of everything you ship.

Tip 5. Some things don’t go on the truck. Keep everyday necessities with you, such as personal care items, medications, basic cleaning supplies and kitchen utensils. Also keep important papers (such as passports, birth certificates, social security cards and financial documents) on your person. Have a safe container with you for valuables—cash, coins, jewelry, etc. 

Tip 6. Be protected against loss. There is no substitute for having coverage in the event an item is lost or damaged during your interstate move. Play it safe by making sure you are covered for the replacement value of your goods. Ernie’s offers Full Value Protection at a modest cost. We encourage every customer to choose this option for their financial well-being and peace of mind.

Your interstate move will go much more smoothly if you follow these tips. If you have questions or would like to know more, contact Ernie’s Van & Storage today or use our easy online form to request a free, no-obligation quote for interstate moving services.



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