Murphy’s Top Ten Moving Mistakes

You remember Murphy, the guy who famously postulated: “If something can go wrong, it will.” I’m not quite as fatalistic, but there’s an undeniable grain of truth in Murphy’s words. So, with a nod to Irish wisdom, here are ten moving predicaments that occur with greater frequency than Uncle Pat downs a pint of stout.  


1. Unbelievably inexpensive price quotes will result in surprising added expenses. You thought certain things were included in the quote, but now you’re facing hundreds of dollars in additional cost.  As with anything you buy—from a dinner out to a college education—the best value for moving rarely carries a low, low cost.

2. The item you care most about is the one most likely to break. When preparing your things for safe transport, good packing is essential. If you do it yourself, be sure you have the materials and a grasp of the techniques to do it right—or leave it to professionals.

3. Items in motion tend to stay in motion, especially your beautiful antique armoire. There’s an art to loading a trailer so things do not shift in transit. If you’re renting a truck and moving yourself, nothing is more unsettling than a cascade of thumps from the back of the truck as you make a turn. 

4. ‘Someday I might find a use for that’ is better translated as ‘I ought to sell it now.’ Moving is a great time to be rid of accumulations that offer no practical value anymore.  Hold a moving sale and de-clutter your life, make a little extra cash—and lower your moving expense.

5. The item you needed first is in the last carton to come off the truck. The first things on the truck are the last off, and vice versa. Begin with the end in mind, and mark the outside of cartons according to the rooms they belong in. 

6. Movers with the worst reputations try hardest to ingratiate. It’s a sad fact, the moving industry is plagued by unscrupulous operators. A little diligence in advance can save you a lot of grief. One easy way to weed out the undesirables: Insist on the ProMover™ designation.

7. Unprotected hardwood floors possess a supernatural attraction for scrapes and scratches.  Even when you carry things as carefully as you can, bulky and heavy items are destined to mar nice floors, doors, banisters, etc. Which is why our crews routinely cover vulnerable surfaces.

8. When you run out of toothpaste, it will be pouring rain and the nearest store an hour’s drive away. Keep your essentials for settling in with you: change of clothes, toiletries, a few linens and towels, snacks and drinks. And don’t find yourself climbing all over the back of the truck in hopes of fishing out your tablet or laptop.

9. The adverse contingency you fail to prepare for is the one that will happen. A good move begins well in advance and unfolds according to schedule. Ignoring or putting off important tasks only sets you up for problems. Be sure to check out this post about my “mighty meaningful moving reminders.

10. If only one in one million moving vans is struck by a meteor, it will be the one carrying your things.  We strongly recommend, and you should always insist on, full value protection for your goods. In the event an item is lost, damaged, or destroyed—whether an act of God or the fault of a human being—you’ll be made whole, either by repair or replacement according to the item’s actual value. 

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