No, We Don’t Leave Things in the Yard - Storage in Transit

I recently watched a very interesting movie, Everything Must Go. Will Ferrell plays a man who loses his job and his company car, then comes home to find his wife has put all his belongings in the front yard and locked him out of the house. Harsh! By the way, this little sleeper of a film is well worth the time—I enjoyed seeing the typically comedic actor in a dramatic role. Despite a premise that is plausibly challenged, Ferrell is quite believable.

Warehouse Facility (500 Vaults)This movie reminded me of an exchange I had with a customer a few years back. He wanted to know what would happen if no one was home to unlock the door when our crew arrived to deliver his furniture. “Would you just set everything in the front yard?”

Rest assured, we have a much better contingency than the front yard when someone isn’t ready to take delivery.  It’s called Storage in Transit (SIT). We provide this service, routinely and affordably, whenever our customers need it.

After all, it’s not unusual for a customer to decide to delay delivery. It could happen for lots of reasons.  For instance, the mill shipped the wrong carpet and the floors in your new home won’t be ready for another three weeks.

Or, your belongings are on the truck and on their way to your new home when your boss informs you that the start date for your new job has been pushed back—and you’ll need to stay in your present role for six more weeks.

Or, you get to your new home and suddenly decide it could use fresh paint and a thorough cleaning before you bring your furnishings in.

In other words, life is unpredictable. And we all change our minds from time to time.Storage in Transit - OS Room

Storage in Transit is like having an ace in the hole. It’s here if you need to play it. The concept is simple: we keep your things in our warehouse, safe from loss or damage, until you’re ready to receive them. We don’t unpack the cartons; we put them in secure containers. We wrap upholstered furniture, like sofas and overstuffed chairs, in plastic stretch wrap and place them on racks. It’s all very clean and orderly. As you can see from the photo, we run a tight ship.

Then, when you are ready for delivery, we’ll take them out of the containers and off the racks and carefully load everything onto the truck and bring it to you.

And if, for some strange reason, after our truck leaves the warehouse you again decide you aren’t ready to receive your things, that’s okay. We can always put them back into storage. (I don’t know that this has ever happened, but it could.)

In any event, I promise you this: we won’t set your things in the yard.

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