Pros and Cons of Moving During Different Times of the Year

What’s the best time of year to move?

In some cases you may have little choice about when you can move. Your career may dictate you relocate ASAP to fill that vacant position. Or a change in life’s circumstances, such as illness or a sudden need to be close to family, may require you to move with little or no advance notice.

But if you have the latitude to plan your move according to the calendar, there are pros and cons to different times of the year. Here are some considerations you may find helpful.

Moving In WinterThere are also cost ramifications between summer and winter. As with most businesses, the law of supply and demand affects the price of moving. You can expect a noticeable difference in cost between seasons, with the potential for significant savings during the winter months, when demand is softer.Summer is when most families move, so it is also when moving companies are the busiest. Trucks and van operators are in high demand, and wait times for scheduling moves are typically longer. By contrast, moving companies experience less demand in winter months, and wait times are much shorter or almost nonexistent. If you’re hoping to pick dates for your move out and your move in, you are much more likely to get that option during the winter. 

Moving In SummerSummer moving has other advantages, too. The kids are out of school, so their studies are not interrupted. Summer months are generally much warmer in most parts of the country, so the weather is conducive to personal comfort. Packing and loading boxes is more pleasant when temperatures allow you to wear a t-shirt and shorts, instead of having to defend against arctic air with long underwear and a parka. (However, hot and humid weather can cause its own brand of discomfort, akin to working in a broiler or sauna.)

If you’re looking for a place to live, whether renting or buying, summer months tend to make the search more pleasant. By the same token, winter months may offer cost advantages. The real estate market tends to be less active in winter, which can work in your favor for negotiating a lease or making an offer on a purchase.

Personally, I’ve always thought spring to be the best time for any new adventure. But no matter what time of year you move, preparation is your best friend. Planning gives you more control over all the many details that come with pulling up stakes and joining a new community. When you are not rushed, you are under less pressure and are less prone to make mistakes. All things being equal, choose the time of year that gives you time to prepare well—and expect the best.

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