Staging Your Home During a Move

Have you ever walked through a nice furniture showroom?  The professionals who market furnishings and decor understand buyer psychology.  They know that selling their wares depends on getting the buyer to see a room setting as their own. Lighting, arrangement, accessories—they’re all designed to press your hot buttons. It’s called “staging” and the same principles apply when you sell your house. You should do this before you put your house on the market.

Take a look around your home and you’ll notice the first obvious task: de-cluttering. Deep-six those magnetic advertisements and Crayola works of art adorning the refrigerator. Remove that gallery of framed family photos and those brass castings of birds of prey that occupy every inch of your mantle. Box up those Pink Floyd CDs and Spiderman DVDs and get them out of sight. Go through every room and stow the personal things.

Getting the clutter out can be tricky if you are space-challenged. Where can you keep things until you vacate? Start by deciding what you want to have in your new home. Goody for you if you have a garage or attic. Otherwise, you may need a temporary space, like one of those self-storage nooks with an overhead door. Or you can prevail upon your mover. At Ernie’s, for example, we offer both short- and longer-term storage for you in a secure warehouse.  

As for the things you aren’t going to take to your new home, you have three options: give them away, sell them, or recycle them. Most 

moves usually involve some combination of all three. If it’s hard to let go of something, think about how another person will benefit from it. There are lots of people in need out there!

With the clutter out from underfoot, now think about minimizing the furniture. Strive for a feeling of open comfort. Light and airy spaces make a house more appealing than dark and crowded ones.  And it will be easier to refresh your walls and floor coverings without having to work around excess furnishings.


Staging isn’t rocket science, although some people have more of a knack for it. Spend a little time on HGTV and perusing home 

improvement magazines. Your realtor can also advise you and may even have some good “props” to lend, perhaps a beautiful planter for the patio or a nicely framed piece of artwork for the stair landing.

Remember, once you decide to sell your home, you have to say goodbye to your “old” and start thinking of it as someone else’s “new.” You have good memories of the time your family spent there, and no one can ever take those away. Now it’s time for someone else. Present them a nice clean slate on which they can make their own memories. 

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