What If Santa Were a Mover?

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It’s that time of year when we invariably ask ourselves: Where did the time go? Can I still order it online and get it before December 24?

As the mercury dips into the “Jack Frost nipping at your nose” range, I also wonder: Why did Santa pick such a chilly month to do his thing?  I mean, the jolly old elf is one of the smartest logistical minds on the planet, delivering gazillions of items of all shapes and sizes all over the world in a single night with nary a misstep. (Okay, I’m still a tad miffed about not getting a BB gun in sixth grade. TBT, the telescope was pretty cool, but not what I had asked for.)

Doesn’t Santa know that there is a seasonality of moving?  

If Santa were a mover, most of his miles (in this hemisphere, anyway) would take place between May and September. That’s because moving in those months offers advantages for the majority of folks. For one thing, the kids are out of school. Families don’t like yanking their kids out of school or starting them at mid-year or mid-term. It’s easier to begin in the fall, same as the other kids. For another thing, the warmer months are more agreeable for working outside, i.e., for moving things into and out of houses. Because most families prefer moving in the summer, it has been dubbed the “moving season.” In other words, “’tis the season” for moving.

But moving in the off season has its advantages, too. Temperatures tend to moderate in spring and fall, making work more comfortable. When movers are not extremely busy, you can get service more quickly. And you stand to save money, too.  Like just about everything else, the moving industry is subject to the laws of economics. When demand rises, as in the summer, resources grow scarce and costs tend to rise. By the same token, when demand falls, resources are more abundant, and costs tend to fall.

Atlas Van Lines recently illustrated these and other interesting facts about the seasons and moving in an infographic.  It’s a free download. See it here

By the way, did you know the weight of an average move with Atlas equates to about half of an African elephant at the upper limit of size?  Hmm . . . I wonder if Santa ever had to put one of those on his sleigh?

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