10 Tidbits about Life in Roseville

Our Rocklin movers specialize in helping individuals, families, and businesses move closer to their dreams. But, did you know that our local team frequently helps the people of Roseville move? I suppose you could say that’s no surprise since Roseville is Rocklin’s big sister, five miles to the southwest. Discover what we’ve learned while moving around Roseville and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

  1. Population. Whereas Rocklin is home to 60,000 folks, Roseville is a little over twice that size and is the largest city in Placer County. 
  2. Economy. Roseville’s job growth changed the city from being a common suburb into a large job center for Northern California. The market shows no signs of slowing down and keeps our Roseville movers busy.Historic Roseville Sign
  3. History. Roseville started as a stagecoach stop. With the intersection of two rail lines in the 1860s, the area was dubbed “Junction.”
  4. Weather. The climate is agreeable in Roseville, with mild winters. Yes, summers are hot, but it’s a dry kind of heat. If your family visits Roseville during the summer, plan a day for Golfland Sunsplash and check out its awesome water slides.
  5. Natural Beauty. With over 4,000 acres of open space, there’s plenty of room to roam in Roseville. The scenery is lovely, with bikeways, hiking paths, dog parks, and people parks. Check out the photos here to glimpse the beauty of this community.
  6. Landmark. That abstract, red sculpture you see from I-80 as you come or go on the north side of the city is called Cosmos. Contrary to popular belief, it does no represent a rose, but the idea of “unity.” 
  7. Education. A visit to the Maidu Museum and historic site is worth your while. You’ll see where and how the natives lived in this part of the country some 3000 years ago. Don’t miss the ancient rock art (petroglyphs).
  8. Art Community. Once a month, the downtown are Old Town sections of Roseville shine a special light on local arts. The 3rd Saturday Art Walk lets you mingle with the artists, see their work, and find that perfect piece for your wall above the mantle.
  9. Canteen. If you get thirsty, or hungry for that matter, you might enjoy a stop at one of Roseville’s local restaurants. The Monk’s Cellar is one of 30 top restaurants that our Roseville movers recommend.
  10. Shopping. Wikipedia says that Roseville boasts the 13th highest shopping revenues of all Californian cities. So it must be true, right? Regardless, you’ll find plenty to like from a gazillion merchants. And Roseville has what may be the biggest auto mall in the country, with 17 dealerships and over 6,000 vehicles. Vroom!

With all the growth and entertainment to enjoy, you may even want to move to Roseville. When you do, our Roseville movers will be glad to help you make the best relocation of your life. Just ask us how or get a free quote today.



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