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You unwrap a new toaster on Christmas, and the old one goes into the attic. You add a few pounds during the winter, so you buy new summer clothes—and put the old ones in the cedar chest. Then there’s that pinball machine in the basement no one plays anymore. Someday the grandkids may want it—better hold onto it.Storage and warehousing solutions from ernie's van &  storage

We go through life a little like a snowball rolling downhill, accumulating as we go. At some point, usually when it’s time to move, we come to grips with whether we need things. When we do, it’s nice to know we have a way to keep them.

As the name Ernie’s Van & Storage tells, keeping things safe for customers is a big part of what we do.  We maintain over 30,000 square feet of secure warehouse storage in Grass Valley, California, and Rocklin, California.  Our storage facilities are climate controlled, equipped with fire suppression systems, and monitored around the clock with visual surveillance. And neat as the proverbial pin!

We provide several storage options, something for every situation. Here’s a little bit about each service. 

Full-Service Storage.

We’ll come to your home or business, pack things securely in cartons, then load them into storage vaults, seal them, and transport them back to our warehouse where we store them securely. When you are ready, we deliver the vaults to your home or business, unseal them, bring the cartons inside and unpack everything.

Permanent Storage.

This is storage for an indefinite period of time. You might use permanent storage for a car or boat, for photos and important documents, or for keeping your furnishings while you are on an extended assignment with furnished housing.

Military Storage.

Members of the military often use permanent storage to keep their things safe until the tour of duty is complete and they return home. (Grass Valley location only.)

Storage in Transit.

This is temporary storage in our warehouse until you are ready to take delivery. As the name implies, you’re moving from one home to the next and need to let your things “sit” for a time before you have a place for them.

Special Products Storage.

This is for high-value items that need special care, such as musical instruments, electronics, collectibles, art work. We also provide safe storage for unusually large items, such as an antique wardrobe, grand piano, or oversized sofa.


This is a good option if you need frequent or irregular access to your things. You can come and go as you please, any time of day or night.

Which storage option is right for you? Let us know your plans and we can advise you on the most economical and convenient means for keeping your things safe until you need them. Contact us today to learn more about our storage options!

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