Art Movers You Can Trust

Our art movers have moved a lot of art in a lot of different places. After all, art is everywhere—on the walls and mantles of homes and in the lobbies and meeting rooms of businesses.  Art can be fairly inexpensive—the frame may cost more than the piece it contains. (I have a couple of those.) But some is very valuable. In November, a painting by Modigliani fetched $170.4 million at auction, second in value only to a Picasso that sold in May for $179.4 million.

art painting

Most of us art lovers value our entire collections. But our individual pieces are still dear to us.  And when it comes time to move them, we want art movers who know what they are doing. 

Over the years, our company has helped artists as well as art lovers of all kinds. You might say we are artists in our own right, carefully handling each piece to take it safely from one place of admiration to the next. Of course, we load everything we transport securely in the van so it doesn’t shift. We also cover and pad items for added protection. And our trucks are equipped with special suspensions that absorb shocks over the road. Everything travels smoothly.

But the most important part of moving art is the preparation. In this, our art movers are fanatical. Framed prints under glass, for example, require taping the glass and wrapping tightly with cling film before cartoning. Edge guards and corner protectors are important for framed artwork, as are air cushions and insulating foam. Oils and acrylic paintings need cardboard to keep materials from coming into contact with the image surface, and bubble wrapping all around before being placed in a durable shipping container.

Irregular-shaped pieces, such as sculptures and other three-dimensional works, may require custom crating.  Each piece is different, and our art movers will take the steps to ensure the crate is strong for adequate protection.

Every art collection is unique. And every art collection is uniquely important. Our customers trust us because we know what we are doing. Although we rarely get involved with museum collections, we do routinely handle the art collections of individuals throughout the Grass Valley and Rocklin areas. We’re happy to provide a free quote for moving your art. Click here to get in touch with our art movers now.



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