Commercial moving? Here’s the way to do it. . .

Remember that song from the 1980s about guys moving refrigerators and color TVs?  I think it is the only top ten hit ever recorded about commercial movers. (Please correct me if I’m wrong!) EVS Commercial Moving

The term commercial moving is an industry catch-all. Essentially, it refers to moving anything used in the conduct of business. To get an idea of how big the commercial moving space is, think of retail stores, offices, factories, hospitals, libraries, museums, schools. Now, think of their seemingly endless needs for furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory and supplies. As a business-moving company, Ernie’s Van & Storage handles projects for many such businesses. Most often, our commercial moves answer one of the following:

Office Relocation. We routinely help companies when they expand, downsize, relocate, or remodel. Sometimes it’s a small job—moving a few desks and chairs from one part of a building to another. Or, it might involve equipping a building over several weeks or even months, warehousing furnishings and equipment, and providing timed pickup and delivery according to the project plan. (Clients can expect the best results when they engage us in the planning process.)

Moving Retail Store Fixtures and Displays. Stroll through the shopping mall and you’ll notice merchandise around every corner, vying for your attention. The displays, cases, racks, and gondolas you see, even the merchandise itself, may have arrived on our trucks or come from our warehouse. We often make these retail deliveries at night or after store hours, so there is no inconvenience to shoppers.

Transporting Electronics and High-Tech Equipment. Manufacturers of high-value goods, such as medical diagnostic equipment, require skilled handling and delivery according to schedule. We often get involved in these kinds of moves. Our trucks with hydraulic lifts come in handy for loading and unloading at ground level. We can also provide custom crating to ensure the safety of goods, inside placement, un-crating, and recycling packing materials.

Trade Shows, Hospitality, Restaurants. As part of the Atlas network, we also work with fellow Atlas agents on a variety of specialized moving projects, such as transporting exhibits for trade shows, or delivering furniture, fixtures and equipment for hotels and restaurants. With Atlas Logistics, we tap into a worldwide network of third-party providers.

In a nutshell, when planning a commercial move, make it easy on yourself. Give Ernie’s Van & Storage a call!



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