Where's Elves' Favorite Place for Christmas Storage?

If you think about the space requirements for the production coming out of that big toy shop at the North Pole, the thought of storage gets a little daunting. I don’t know exactly how many kids get toys from Santa, any more than I can guess who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. But I do know this: with approximately 2.2 billion children in the world, Santa must need a lot of storage between the time the toys are made and when they are loaded on the sleigh for delivery. (My understanding is the elves work all throughout the year, but they enjoy several three-day weekends—they also take about six weeks off in the summer to watch the reindeer games.)Storage unit decorated for Christmas

Conservatively, if every child received one toy of average size and weight—say one square foot weighing ten pounds—we’re talking 22 billion pounds of toys that occupy 2.2 billion cubic feet. Which would require a ginormous toy storage facility.  If such a building were in the shape of a cube, its sides would each measure about 1300 feet, or roughly a quarter of a mile. And that doesn’t even allow enough space to move around inside and keep things organized. So, add a couple of hundred feet to each dimension, just for wiggle room.

By contrast, the volume of the world’s largest building, an assembly facility for Boeing’s largest aircraft, is only 472 million cubic feet. It would take between six and seven buildings of comparable size to handle all that elf output. Phew!

I’ve never been to the North Pole and I can’t actually attest to just how big the factory is or how voluminous its output. If I were the elf in charge, I would probably subcontract with responsible storage companies to provide local storage all over the globe. Ernie’s Van & Storage could certainly provide enough storage to keep toys safe for the several thousand children who live in the Rocklin and Grass Valley areas. Besides, I think we’d be a perfect partner for Kris Kringle’s distribution network here in the north central region of California. 

We at Ernie’s consider ourselves more than capable when it comes to storage. With two locations and over 30,000 square feet of secure warehouse space, we keep tons of household goods safe for customers. We keep their goods containerized and on racks, and we handle them with forklifts. Everything is neat and organized. Customers also count on us for storing their boats and autos. 

If you think that our storage and movers could serve your storage needs like we believe Santa's elves would choose us, give us a call. We'll be merry to ensure your household goods are safe during your move! 



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