Good Packing Begins with Good Packing Materials

It’s difficult to do good work without good material. When it comes to packing for a move, the right packing materials are essential.

You can purchase packing materials in lots of places—big box stores, office supply stores, even your local big pharmacy carries some. However, be advised that the materials you find on popular retail shelves can vary in quality and price. And there are many to choose from. Which are the right ones for your move? Here are a few of the essential materials you will want to have on hand to “pack like a pro.”Moving Companies' Packing Materials

  1. Cartons. Strong and sturdy cardboard cartons are fundamental for every more. Use smaller cartons for heavier items, like books; use larger cartons for lighter items, like clothes and bedding; and use wardrobe boxes for coats, suits, and dresses.
  2. Packing Paper. This is a standard in every professional packer’s repertoire. It’s indispensible for wrapping breakables such as china and glass. You can use old newspaper, but we advise against that since the newsprint is prone to rubbing off and leaving stains and smudges on things. 
  3. Bubble Wrap.  It’s a perfect material for wrapping vases, lamps, smaller pieces of artwork, and other household items. It comes in rolls with perforated sheets for tearing off—sort of like paper towels. (Beware—kids love to pop it!)
  4. Packing Tape. There’s good tape—and there’s bad tape. Stay away from the cheap stuff, it’s more aggravation that it’s worth. (Do you really want to spend five minutes every half hour futzing with tape because it tore unevenly and you can’t get it working again?)

Of course, Ernie’s Van & Storage carries professional grade packing materials. Don’t let the words “professional grade” fool you—we buy them in quantity and make them affordable for you. We will advise you on the quantities and types of materials you need based on in-home estimate for your move. That way, you won’t have to worry about over-buying from the store or asking for a refund when you have to take things back.

For the best assurance of good packing, we recommend you let our professional packers help—we can work with you or even handle all the packing chores ourselves. Either way, good packing begins with good packing materials! To find out more, call us or get a free online quote today!  



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