Military Moving: Ernie’s is proud to support our troops.

I want to start this entry on military moves with a special note of gratitude. If you or a member of your family is serving, or has served, in defense of our nation, we honor your service. If you or a member of your family has sustained injury as a result of service, especially if someone you love has given his or her life, we are humbled.  Your sacrifice only steels my will to promote the cause of peace and see an end to conflict.

Military Moving

Military moving is a special kind of moving. First of all, it is centered around people who commit life and limb to keeping the rest of us safe. The danger they face is real. Our brave brothers and sisters deserve not only respect, they deserve the very best we can do to support them.  We consider it a privilege to serve them in our work. Ernie’s Van & Storage enables me to do this with a military-move process for transporting the households of military families efficiently and safely all over the globe. 

To understand military moves, it’s essential to understand DP3 (Defense Personal Property Program), the federal system for allocating military moves. DP3 is a highly regimented and controlled process, as you might know.  It favors providers whose service consistently measures up in surveys of customer satisfaction. By the same token, DP3 penalizes movers who fail to measure up.  That is, good performers get more opportunities; poor performers get fewer opportunities.

Atlas Van Lines recently entered an agreement with a top move management company that specializes in the DP3 system. This agreement ensures Ernie’s Van & Storage benefits from move management services that are totally attuned to the government way of doing things. This agreement is enabling us and our fellow Atlas agents to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction as a result.

The vast majority of all household goods moves take place from May through September. However, military moves ebb and flow year round.  At Ernie’s, we stretch to accommodate every customer to the best of our capacity. This means we sometimes rely on third-party carriers to help us during times of peak demand. Now, aided by the industry’s best service outfit for managing DP3 requirements, Ernie’s and Atlas are making more and better military moves year round.  We are proud to support our troops.  

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