Moving Migration Patterns - Finding Balance in California

People are still heeding Horace Greeley’s famous exhortation, as we see in the most recent analysis of traffic patterns. At the end of every year, Atlas looks at the myriad routes traced by our customers over the previous 12 months. To make the data for 77,705 interstate moves somewhat digestible, Atlas operations and marketing folks produce an illustrated report that shows every state’s propensity to attract or lose people. moving-migration-patterns-in-north-america

Here in the Golden State, we again saw more families unpacking (8,076) than packing (6,897). We have to look back to 2006 to find more people moving out than in. In either case, the relative difference between our influx and outflow over the last decade has been consistently moderate, so California is considered “balanced” in terms of net change.

Things are different to the north. Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are all considered “inbound” states, as are the sparsely populated North Dakota and Alaska. These are joined by a pair of New England states, Maine and Rhode Island. It’s obvious that some folks aren’t put off by the thermometer readings in northern latitudes. By the same token, a cluster of states shows the magnetism of the southland: North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and Texas too share the inbound mantle.

As you look at the map, you will notice, generally speaking, that states across the nation’s midsection are balanced, while the states across the northern tier are outbound. You might try to impute such factors as climate, the ebb and flow of industry, tax or business incentives, and other reasons for shifts. The truth probably touches all of these to some extent.

A U.S. government survey (2009) recorded the reasons a sample of consumers gave for moving, correlated to region. The numbers do not distinguish between motives for local and interstate moves.  I suspect that most of those who said they moved to establish their own household or because they needed a larger house or apartment made local moves.

Whatever your motive for moving, whether across the country or across town, Ernie’s Van & Storage is here to help you. Yes, your move will eventually be tallied as part of this big migration mosaic. However, rest assured you are not just a number or a statistic when you move with us. Your move is every bit as important to us as it is to you! 

Find the full Moving Migrations study here.

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