A Few Moving Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? That question probably tops my list of holiday pet peeves. It’s right up there with the phrase “holly jolly.” Bah!Fireplace decorated by Holiday Moving Tips Standards

However, if you are planning to move during the holiday season, it makes perfect sense to get that shopping out of the way early. From mid-November through December, life gets a little hectic. Before you know it, the holidays will be here and – poof! – they’re gone. So, if you indeed plan to move during the holiday season, here are a few moving tips to help you keep your sanity. 

Greeting Cards 

Get those greeting cards ready early. You don’t have to mail them until December, but there’s no reason not to get the cards signed, addressed, stamped and ready to drop. You can put them in the mail anytime after Thanksgiving and you’ll be in perfect sync with your recipients’ holiday expectations.

Winter Decorations

Minimize the decorations. This is not the year to display your wonderful collection of snow globes, Santa dolls, and Thomas Kinkade Christmas Villages. Better yet, just keep all your Christmas decorations packed and ready to ship. A nice holiday wreath on the door is a festive reminder to everyone that you haven’t forgotten the reason for the season—without creating extra work for yourself.

Holiday Parties

Let someone else host the holiday gathering. If your family has a tradition of getting together at your home, or if this is your year to throw a holiday gala, swap with somebody.  Whether you’re moving in or moving out, you have plenty on your plate. Why put yourself through the added stress of hosting a party? If you feel you must, plan ahead and reserve a private room in a restaurant. Or, trim your guest list to close friends and family. If you're lucky, they might help clean up afterwards and could even offer to help with packing or unpacking chores.

Weather Conditions

Have a weather backup plan. Depending on where you are moving from and/or to, December can hold some unwelcome weather surprises. Many a traveler, and many a mover, have been waylaid by inclement conditions. If, for example, there’s a possibility that ice or snow will delay your move in or out, think ahead about where you might stay. If you are under contract to vacate your home by a certain date, ask your realtor about negotiating some flexibility with the home buyers. (When it comes to real estate, everything is negotiable.)

The good news about moving during the holidays: most people don’t. Which means there’s no shortage of resources to make your move happen in a timely manner. Bottom line, the secret to a good holiday move is preparation. Work out your holiday obligations as much in advance as you can and call us for more moving tips. “Yule” be glad you did!



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