Moving With Kids – ProTips for A New Adventure

When kids move, they see it as an adventure. With the right leader, adventures can be really cool. When the adventure is cool, the kids are less stressed, and so are you. Here is some seasoned advice for making moving with kids a fun, cool adventure.Family preparing for a move

Psychology is the most important thing about moving with kids. The older kids are, the stronger their attachments to school and neighborhood. So the more difficult it can be for them to see themselves leave their friends and familiar places behind. Younger kids are typically easier to get excited about the moving adventure. Their lives are still fairly uncomplicated by strong attachments outside the home. But they still need reassurance they will love their new house, their new yard, their new neighborhood. Be understanding, be patient, and above all, keep it positive with your kids.

ProTip 1. Keep positive.

It’s all good. You start setting the tone for the adventure as soon as you know you are going to move. Focus on the positive about the new neighborhood and community. “There’s a really neat park just a couple of blocks down the street—you can ride your bike.” “Your new school has a fabulous music department with lots of ensembles—I bet your horn will be in demand.” “The soccer team was ranked second in the state last year—maybe you can help them get to number one.”

ProTip 2. Have fun.

Visualize the fun. Help your kids see themselves in their new home, again focusing on the bright side. “Your room is really cool—there’s a great view of what’s going on in the neighborhood.” “The Wi-Fi speeds in our subdivision make games run like the Flash.” “The back yard has a nice slope—I bet it will be fun in the snow.” If your kids haven’t yet seen the home, show them photos of it. (You may even find it featured on Zillow or

ProTip 3. Map it out.

Go online together.  Make it a family event to check out your new community on the Internet. Use the maps to see the street views, the route to school, the location of community attractions. Zoom out and see the route between your old home and new home. Talk about the journey you will be making and keeping in touch with friends. Maybe you’ll find a really neat image of something in your new location, such as a tricked-out skate park, you can share via your social networks. “Look where we’re moving! You’ll have to come see us.”

ProTip 4. Keep them entertained.

Come moving day, you’ll want to keep little ones occupied and out from under foot. Have a trusted friend or relative watch them while the movers do their jobs. Consider a “moving day party” in one of the empty bedrooms, with snacks, games, music. We even have coloring books about moving—so little ones can express their feelings about the moving adventure with their own artistic touches.

Just remember to keep it positive and focus on the good things in your family’s adventure. If you want more advice for moving with your children, call us. We’ll be happy to help you along the way! 



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