Sacramento: The Hot Housing Market for 2017

Last month, a report by shows the West will lead the way in the housing industry during 2017. It asserts that three of the five most dynamic markets will be in California. Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Riverside will lead in home sales.Sacramento fireworks our Rocklin movers watch to celebrate the New Year

The report states that sales of homes in Sacramento are expected to increase by 4.92 percent. Home prices will grow from a median price of $420K by 7.18 percent. Prices will raise because the inventory of available properties remains low. Meaning buyers are likely to bid up prices to get the homes they want.

Needless to say, with that report and more people moving into California according to Moving Migration Patterns, we're a little excited for 2017. Our Rocklin, CA location is only 20 miles away from Sacramento and the Rocklin movers love visiting the city. But, what will all this real estate activity mean for the families we've moved? 

For one, growth invariably comes with growing pains, so we can expect a little stretching for infrastructure to accommodate more utility customers, more traffic, more waste disposal, etc. But growth also brings new economic activity, like a pebble dropping into water. Ripples from a new home sale and a new family joining the community include sales of building materials, employment for construction trades, added tax revenue, and added sales of goods people need. Groceries, clothing, and entertainment will thrive so be ready for longer lines at malls like the Westfield Galleria at Roseville.

Here at Ernie’s Van & Storage, we see a potential ripple for moving and storage services, too. We frequently move families in the Grass Valley, Rocklin, Roseville, and Sacramento communities. So, while you celebrate bringing in the New Year with your family we'll be celebrating this positive housing market with our movers.

If your family is moving into the Sacramento area, call our Rocklin movers at (916) 652-9700 or get a free quote online. We’ll be happy to help you begin your New Year with a new home in Sacramento! 

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