Ten Things To Be Aware Of When You Move

 You know the old saying about hindsight. It’s especially true for moving. So here’s a little list of things to remember when moving, courtesy of some bustling people who learned the hard way. If you're interested in getting more insight for your move, get a quote from us and we'll reach out to you. 

            1. Return to sender. It was sad when Elvis sang about it. But I’m even sadder now because my mail isn’t being forwarded. I wish I had gone online and made the switch a couple of weeks ago. It only takes a minute and only costs a dollar. Now I have to wait . . . Frustrated Woman Working on Papers

            2. Cancel that charge. Uh-oh. I forgot about that recurring charge on my checking account for the family gym membership. Well, the gym people are nice. I’ll just ask them to credit me back. “What do you mean; I need to read the terms of my membership agreement?” Bummer.

            3. It’s cold without coverage. Traffic was dicey where I used to live, but some idiot here has already mistaken me and my car for an entry in the demolition derby.  If only I had made sure my auto insurance was up to par for this state. I wouldn’t be singing the “inadequate coverage blues."

            4. An apple a day. Even my daily apple couldn’t keep the doctor away. I wish I would’ve looked into a local physician before driving out here. Instead, I’ll be spending the rest of my afternoon at a clinic while they try to get my medical records. If I would've just brought them with me I could be in bed with the medicine I need.

            5. Revenge of the cable. My cable company really loved me. They showed me just how much with my final bill. I wish I had kept better track of that cheap little remote adapter on my old analog set. (It looked like something out a box of Cracker Jacks.) Now the cable company is dinging me for $120.

            6. Don’t bank on it. It never occurred to me that my favorite bank doesn’t operate in my new town. Now I have to do some business and, well, I suppose I’ll just take a seat and wait for the next available representative. I wonder how long this will take. Zzzz . . .

            7. Does not compute. I really need to look at some information on my PC. But it’s packed up and riding in the back of a van on the outskirts of Kokomo. If only I had backed that file up to Google Drive, I could look at it right now on my phone. Drat!

            8. Utility futility.  What gives? I thought my water would be on when I got here. I guess I should have contacted the utility company as soon as I closed on the house. Then I wouldn’t be spending tonight a Motel el Cheapo.

            9. Shoehorn, please. I could have sworn the sofa would fit on this wall. And I thought for sure that electrical outlet was a lot closer to the center. And these kitchen cabinets won’t close completely with my dinner plates in them. Why didn’t I take a few more measurements?

            10. Summertime blues. I knew moving would be stressful for my entire family, but I thought my kids would get used to it once school started. I didn’t realize that the school needed their complete medical and school records. As if being the "new kid" wasn’t bad enough, now my kids have to start their educations later this fall.

Now you know to avoid these little hiccups when you move. Give us a call or get a quote if you have questions about other potential issues. We’ve been through it all a thousand times and are happy to share our experience with you.



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