The Trick for Moving “Tricky” Items

If moving a household involved only the easy things, just about everyone would be doing it. But there’s a lot more to it than just moving books and clothing and pots and pans. The real trick of moving is how to handle the “tricky” items.  I’m referring to those things that need special care for safe transport. They include lamps, flat screen TVs, framed artwork, furniture, wall hangings, mirrors, and glass tops or panels. All of these are fragile, valuable, and require special attention to ensure they are not damaged in the process of loading, transit, and unloading.Couple Moving TV

Now, before you get a picture in your mind of furniture moving companies tossing packages around like a frenzied pack-n-ship clerk on Christmas Eve, I should clarify. Our packers and movers handle every item as if it were breakable. Unfortunately, even extra careful storage in transit may not prevail when a fragile item is poorly or improperly packed.

For many items, the best preparation is pad-wrapping. That is, we cover pieces with thick, heavy quilts/blankets and strap it in place so it remains stationary during transit. Pad wrapping works well for bulky items, such as wood furnishings, tables, chairs, etc.

However, contrary to what some other furniture moving companies might ask you to think, pad-wrapping is not appropriate for the “tricky” items I mentioned above. Our special products division knows some items must be packed in cartons with structural reinforcement for protection. Lamps, for example, should be in separate cartons with bubble wrap or other filler to keep them from shifting around inside. Flat screen TVs need to be packed snugly in individual cartons made of heavy cardboard.  Corners on TVs and other square or rectangular pieces need reinforcement. Mirrors and glass items, too, need heavy-duty cardboard cartoning.  

For “tricky” items like dressers, chests, filing cabinets and other furnishings, we recommend they be emptied and have the contents packed in cartons for transport. Most furnishings are not designed to endure the added stress of moving when fully loaded. (This is also a safety issue for furniture moving companies who handle these items on and off the truck.)

Yes, it takes a little more time to prepare these “tricky” items for safe transport. Yes, it costs a little more in material and labor. However, considering the lower risk of damages, this extra effort for “tricky” items is essential for the lowest-cost and highest-quality moving solution.

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