Three things that matter most about corporate relocation

Ernie’s Van & Storage has long catered to companies that provide moving as a benefit of employment. Employers are continually moving people to and from the Grass Valley and Rocklin area, and our experience makes us a good partner.  I think the main reason corporate customers trust us for corporate relocation is our philosophy of moving. It’s not simply about moving household goods. (Although, handling furnishings and personal belongings with utmost care is certainly part of it.)  Rather, we see ourselves as moving people and families. And we concentrate on “moving them well.” Evs -corporate -relocation -grass -valley

“Moving well” is a concept that goes right to the heart of corporate relocation. It involves treating every member of the family with sensitivity and compassion during an unsettling time in life.  When a family member takes a promotion or a new job, the decision often makes a wave that rocks the entire family. Everyone feels it—mom and dad, sister and brother, grandma and grandpa, even Fido and Fluffy.  It’s our job, in cooperation with the corporate relocation professionals who engage us, to calm those waves. We steady the employee family’s boat for a smooth passage to their new places.

Throughout this delicate process, we, as movers, mind the details of the corporate relocation policy.  Sometimes, a family may expect more than the relocation policy provides. So, we bring sensitivity to their expectations. If there is a question about the move benefit, we explain it with politeness and tact. We look for ways to satisfy the family within the policy guidelines. Sometimes, employees seek exceptions. We understand the proper pathway for such decisions. We act as “enablers of wellness” for both the company and the employee family. The employee needs to feel appreciated and valued. The company needs the employee to feel well and productive in their new position.

I could tell you about whizzy operations and communications systems, cite statistics on customer satisfaction, and point to metrics that attest we know what we’re doing. But the real proof shows in the lives of the families we serve. It shows in how well they adapt to the new job, how well they feel in their new home, how well they fit into their new community.  At Ernie’s Van & Storage, we help families move ”well, well, well.” And those are the three most important aspects of corporate relocation.

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