Why are People on the Move?

Everyone has their own reasons for moving. For some, it’s the lure of a better career opportunity with more income. For others, it’s a need to be closer to those they love. And I suppose some people move just because they get restless. Chalk it up to a human tendency to think yonder skies are bluer and the grass is greener.Family Preparing for Move

Ernie’s Van & Storage has moved household goods for people who have these and dozens more reasons for moving. Not that we ask them, but it usually comes up in the course of taking care of them. So, one might say I’m a bit of an expert on the reasons for why people move.

The ultimate source of information on human migration in this country is the U.S. Census Bureau. According to its research, all reasons for moving fall into one of four broad categories. “Housing-related” is the biggest factor (48 percent of moves), followed by “family-related” (30.3 percent) and “employment-related” (19.4 percent). “All other reasons” account for the remaining 2.3 percent.

The most recent census findings (2012-2013) are based on almost 36 million moves. Sifting the data through a demographic sieve yields some interesting findings:

  • Men are more apt than women to move for job-related reasons. This makes sense to me, since men typically are the primary breadwinners in families.
  • Job-related reasons correlate more closely with better-educated movers than with those who are less educated. My intuition agrees, since employers generally are more apt to provide a relocation benefit for people viewed as more valuable to the organization, which is often a function of education.
  • When considering marital status (married, widowed, divorced, separated, or never married), married people were least likely to move due to family-related reasons. However, they led in moving for the job-related category. 
  • Housing-related reasons correlate more closely with short-distance moves, while job-related reasons are more closely associated with long-distance moves.
  • People are much more apt to move to get away from crime than they are to seek a more agreeable climate.

If you’d like to look at the data yourself, here’s a like to the publication by the Census Bureau: Reasons for Moving: 2012 to 2013

One closing thought (file this under “shameless plug”). No matter what your reason for moving  (I won’t ask), Ernie’s is here to help. Your bluer skies and greener grass are just a click or call away.



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