A California Movers' Resolution

I don’t know about you, but something strikes me as a little strange. Once every 12 months, all at the same time, people everywhere decide to make needed improvements in themselves or their situation. We call such vows “New Year’s Resolutions.”  However, if something is truly needed, like higher standards for moving companies, why wait? 

Roseville Movers by moving truck

I propose a California Movers’ Resolution, that all movers in California commit to the idea of continuous improvement‚ 365 days a year! Here are three ideas we believe our Roseville movers can implement to improve the overall quality of customer service. These apply not only to moving companies in Rocklin, CA and movers in Granite Bay, CA, but to California moving companies in general.

1. Flat Pricing.

It could make things a lot easier for customers if California moving companies offered every customer an all-inclusive price, factoring in the time and care necessary to deliver a totally delightful moving service. The hourly pricing models many moving companies use can be counter-productive in this regard. It causes some customers to be distracted with clock-watching and second-guessing. Our Grass Valley and Roseville movers hope to simplify pricing for customers by beginning with a fast online quote before offering an in-home estimate for their moving costs. 

2. Consumer Education.

Moving companies have made good efforts to educate consumers about how to spot rogue movers and avoid being taken advantage of. Still, too many consumers continue to be victimized by fly-by-night and disreputable operators. I think movers in California must do a better job of informing people about the dangers of doing business with companies that lack solid credentials and references. Our Roseville moving company works with Atlas Van Lines to provide customers with the resources they need for an educated move. 

3. Extra Kindness.

Do you remember any of the commercials, movies, or tv shows where people did kind things for others, unexpectedly, in order to express thanks for their own blessings? They called this “paying it forward.” This should apply not just to the way moving companies treat customers, but the way we act toward everyone we encounter during the course of a day. It might take shape as sweeping the sidewalk for an elderly couple. Writing a nice recommendation for somebody in your Linked-In network. Or, buying a coffee for the person behind you in the drive-through. Our Grass Valley and Rocklin movers take the extra-step each move to "pay it forward" for our customers, earning us multiple Agent Quality Awards from Atlas.

I think we can agree that 2017 has the potential to be better than 2016—if we make it so. Even with that optimism, why should we limit ourselves to annual resolutions when we can commit to continual growth? The three ideas I’ve suggested for moving companies are a start—but by no means an end. I’m not perfect—nobody is. But this year, I will try to make myself, and the California movers I work, with even better! 



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