Every Day Is Earth Day

People all over the world will observe the 48th annual Earth Day on Saturday, April 22. For many, it’s a time to reflect on how lifestyles and habits affect the planet we all share. It’s also a good time for all of us to renew commitments to sustainability and to keeping the earth healthy for future generations.

Here at Ernie’s Van & Storage, we feel duty-bound to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. For us, every day is Earth Day.

Here are some of the ways we practice sustainability!

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  • Recycled Cartons. To help our customers save money and to keep cardboard out of the landfills, we offer used cartons. The corrugated material can often withstand several moves before it must be recycled for disposal or reuse. This saves money for customers and reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Reusable Totes. Our purchase and use of reusable totes for office and industrial moves eliminate the need for cardboard. In the long run, it results in lower carbon emissions while keeping tons of material out of the waste stream.
  • Clean Energy. By using battery-powered electric forklifts, we eliminate the burning of fossil fuels in our operations and the emissions that produces. Electric forklifts are quieter and therefore safer for operation in our warehouse.
  • CARB Compliance. California is a leader in reducing the impact of emissions from vehicles. Our entire fleet is CARB-certified compliant, which means we are doing our part of operating responsibly and reducing greenhouse emissions.
  • LED Lighting. By upgrading our offices and warehouses to LED lighting, we have lowered our energy consumption and made another significant step in shrinking the carbon footprint of our day-to-day business operations.
  • Smart Switches. In some areas of our facility, we use motion sensors to turn lights on and off, resulting in further savings by eliminating lighting when it is not needed.
  • Move For Hunger. Our company is an enthusiastic participant in Move For Hunger, whereby families who are moving can choose to donate shelf-stable foods to a local food bank. This not only helps the environment by keeping packaged foods out of the waste stream, it feeds hungry people right in the community. A green win-win!

As new materials and methods become feasible for adoption, Ernie’s will continue to take steps that reduce our environmental impact and assure customers of service with sustainability.



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