How to Move During the Holiday Season

Getty Images -dv 1889016While most people move during the spring and summer, sometimes living circumstances change and a move during the holidays is necessary. Here are some tips for balancing this major life change with one of the busiest times of the year.

Plan Ahead

If you know ahead of time that your move will overlap with the holidays, take the time now to finish shopping for and wrapping your gifts, putting up your decorations, and making the commitments to plans that you’re able to make.

Keep the Decorations Simple

You don’t have to avoid decorating entirely, but maybe take it down a notch from last year. Only use simple decorations that inspire just the right amount of holiday spirit and will be easy to take down and pack away when the time comes.

Reduce by Re-Gifting

Maybe one of your friends has been admiring your antique sofa that doesn’t quite fit the décor of your new home. This is a good opportunity to give friends and family some big ticket items from your house that would normally be out of your gifting budget. You’ll have less to worry about packing and moving, and you’ll make a lot of people happy! Just make sure your re-gifts are in good condition and that the recipient actually wants them.

Practice Saying “No,” Considerately

Good friends and family will meet you where you are and understand if you can’t go all-out for the holidays every single year. Even young children can be understanding about having fewer gifts or not being able to do the same traditions as usual for one year if the circumstances are explained. As long as you do your best to make time for the people you love, no one will get hurt. After all, the holidays are all about quality time with your loved ones, not presents and pretty decorations!

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