A Short History of Rocklin, California

Since the founding of our new location in Rocklin, CA, we thought you might want to know more about the rich history of this growing city. From the first native American's who called it home to the city it has become today.
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Renting a Home - What to Consider

If you decide you’d rather rent than own a home, be mindful of potential pitfalls. Things to do: Do your homework, read and amend the lease if necessary, document the condition of the property, get promises from the landlord in writing, and get renter's insurance.

Renting vs. Buying - What to Consider

Should you rent or buy a home? Here we give you some advantages and disadvantages to each option to help you figure out how to make your decision.

Funny Moving Stories - Part 2

A couple more funny moving stories for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Funny Moving Stories

Weird. Funny. True. The things that sometimes happen when people move make for some interesting tales. You could call it “mover’s lore.” Over the years, we've collected a few.

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